Messages crossed

I have mentioned in several of my blogs, I keep my spiritual beliefs and blog seperate from my day to day, writing, and story blogs.

I do this because not everyone is going to have the same beliefs as I am. . . I refuse to push my beliefs on anyone who does NOT want to listen or read.

In most of my blogs, I do not mention my spirituality as religion, politics, and sex can be very debatable and dramatic topics.

I need to mention this first, over the past month or so, I have been praying to God/Goddess for more friends (who get or understand me.)

Within the last 36 hours, I’ve talked to a few people. . . All are nice, but to honest NOT what I am looking for.

Spirituality, at this point in my life, is a private thing as I am working somethings within myself. I really do NOT want religious friends at this time. I do NOT want friends who offer coffee or a ride and then corner with the pressuring of God.

I do believe in God and Jesus Christ . . . Among other beliefs.

However I feel I am being judged, and they are getting all high and mighty and preachy, because I am not in church on Sunday or reading the bible everyday. The bible can get overwhelming and the book Revelations gives me nightmares. (I have enough of my own, I do not need more.)

I have been getting preached to by several people. . . Please stop it. I do not mind a good talk about God or Jesus or favorite bible verses. However don’t tell me I HAVE to do this or else.

Then today, I feel I got chewed out on of my creative day to day blog. I was explaining the difference with being alone and being lonely. I may have snapped at them, with that I’m sorry for attitude, but I’m not sorry for blunt truth.

I have depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I feel at this point God is using them in my life to be make me stronger. I feel I need more people in my life that understand me. (I will make a specific blog; in which, I will explain exactly what I am looking for in a friend.)

Note: Reading all of my blogs, will give you a better understanding of me, including this blog. The links to all of my blogs

I have read the entire bible and there are missing pieces.
I have my worship playlist.
I pray to God. (Just remember the devil hears the prayer too.)

  1. My main belief one: “Golden rule, do onto others as you want others done onto you.”
  2. My main belief two: health wise, you need to fix yourself before you can help others.
  3. My main belief three: God wanted us to help each without pushing it. Someone needs help, you help them.
  4. My main belief four: always be thankful.
  5. My main belief five: music helps. (I personally can say writing helps me too. I’m thankful that God gave me both talents and releases.)

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